Diary note 54: Newspapers

16 XII 2021


Bought three newspapers today.

One (NYT) continuing a habit, two out of curiosity. The last ones were Freitag, a weekly in collaboration with the British Guardian and Taz die Tageszeitung.

Taz Is merely journalistic and critical and carried an article about the fate of the family Herzberg. I wonder if I shall fully read it and send it on to Judith H.

Freitag engrossed me more.

A dialogue or mutual interview between the “humanist” Michel Schmidt-Salomon and a bishop of the Evangelical Church Margot Kiszmann delivered little news, but at the end touched on the subject of a recent intervention I made (about hybridity) at the Witte society in the Hague. This dialogue used nearly the same terms and contexts as I in my talk. So there seems to be some European discussion!

I cite the conclusion of Schmidt –Salomon:

„Dieses identitaires Denken müssen wir überwinden, Indem wir uns klarmachen daß wir nicht nur eine einzige Identität besitzen, sondern viele. Wir allen sind hybride Wesen.”

My piece about hybridity rose from the same problematics.

Freitag was pointed out to me by Sigrid Gareis.