European Autonomy

6 June 2019

Geopolitically Europe stands at a crossroads. Will Europe try to regain a measure of autonomy or be dominated by America or Asia?

Both Russia and America will probably be antagonistic to a more autonomous Europe. But both Russia and America may prefer an autonomous but friendly Europe in the face of Asiatic dominance, especially by China.

The autonomy of Europe can only be achieved by a long-term deliberate political effort, lasting at least half a century. It means on the one hand liberating itself from colonization by America. On the other hand it means making Russia into an ally instead of a rival. The potentiality of the last option lies in the structural geopolitical weakness of Russia. It needs help economically, but also strategically vis à vis Asia (China).

A condition for this long-term strategy is to create a political unit that naturally erases historical divisions within Europe. For instance the millennial division between the European East and West and the division between the North and South of Europe. It also means a common projection of force in the nearby neighborhood, especially the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Europe should have a circle of friends instead of enemies in Africa or the Near East.

Another condition is to have the full support of the peoples of Europe in this long-term effort of European liberation. European patriotism needs a fundamental restructuring of the representation of the public will within European decision-making. In a democracy this can only be achieved by fusing the regional and national patriotism into a common European patriotism. This patriotism should not been seen as a form of idealism but of realism. European projects in defense, infrastructure, climate control, food and energy autonomy should be clearly demarcated and participated in.

Social cohesion should also be supported by a consensus that des-identifies with American capitalism or Russian technocracy. It should preserve the European model of the welfare state, in housing, work, pensions, health. These rights should be constitutional.

In the European liberation process a division of labor should be devised to give prominence to Eastern capitals such as Warsaw, Athens and Berlin.

Adriaan van der Staay